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Seeing Double – Dual Primary Suites

American homes, like our lifestyles, continue to change and adapt with the times. One trend that has gained popularity is the dual primary bedroom. More than just a guest room, the dual primary means that a house has two main bedrooms, each with an en suite bathroom. The demand for dual primary bedroom suites is so strong that Architectural Digest has called it “the hottest new amenity in luxury homes.”

Who wants the dual?

More realtors are reporting an increase in requests to find properties that have dual primary bedrooms. This arrangement is ideal for a wide variety of living situations:

  • Spouses who prefer to sleep separately or maintain their own private spaces
  • Couples who are dealing with different work schedules
  • Adult children caring for an elderly parent or another family member
  • Two friends buying a home jointly
  • Parents with an adult child that is moving back in
  • Space to rent out on guest markets such as Airbnb
  • Enhanced guest suite to impress visitors

Features of a dual primary suite

More than just a place to rest, the bedroom is often the area where people spend the most time, whether sleeping, working, relaxing, or consuming entertainment. Dual suites are designed for many activities and often feature spacious floorplans with high-end updates:

  • Walk-in closets featuring plenty of drawers, shelves, and storage nooks
  • Luxurious bathroom with separate shower and tub
  • Sitting area for reading or visiting
  • Entertainment center
  • Desk or working space for daily tasks or crafts
  • Fireplace to create a retreat-like atmosphere
  • Nook for small appliances such as microwave, mini-refrigerator, or coffee machine
  • Patio access to bring the outdoors inside

Is the dual suite right for you?

Homeowners who want to add a second primary suite should work with an experienced contractor to evaluate their current layout. A contractor can tell you if the existing layout lends itself to dual primary bedrooms and how you can accomplish it. If that isn’t a possibility, you could build the suite as an addition to the home or even as a standalone structure. According to Home Advisor’s True Cost Guide, you might see a 63 percent return on investment for adding a second primary suite to your house.

Whether it’s finishing out a garage or attic, remodeling existing space, or building a new addition, Big State Construction can help. One of our team professionals will come to your home and assess your needs and wants. We examine your project’s lifestyle and goals and then suggest ideas on the best path forward to meet those goals.


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