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Home Design and Renovation Trends for 2021

What’s Hot and What’s Not in Home Design Trends for 2021

2020 forced most of us to spend more time at home. Out of boredom or necessity, we recreated and repurposed spaces, organized and rearranged furniture, all to accommodate the new normal. Spending most of the year stuck in our homes gave us plenty of time to evaluate what we liked and disliked about our living space and decor. This year, as we emerge from the pandemic, styles that are functional and feel comforting are gaining popularity. Here are some of the home design and renovation trends that experts predict for 2021:

Goodbye Gray

Gray has been the go-to color of choice for many years, but that may be about to change. According to interior design experts, the trend of all-gray kitchen cabinets and walls will begin to lose momentum in 2021. After nearly a year of living, working, and studying at home, many families realized that their completely gray kitchen interiors could feel unwelcoming and monotonous.

Hello Color

Along with the gray kitchen cabinets, the popularity of minimalistic, all-white interiors may be nearing an end. Although homeowners still love the clean look of bright white countertops and backsplashes, they may begin adding dashes of bold color or patterns in 2021. Natural colors in the beige and brown family are also making a comeback.

So Long Shiplap

Shiplap was initially an inexpensive exterior siding for barns and historic homes. The thin, grooved boards of new or reclaimed wood became a trendy way to decorate interior walls thanks to the popularity of home-makeover shows. Now, trendsetters are looking at plaster, wallpaper, and even “living walls” of plants to add texture and interest to a wall.

When One Door Shuts, Another One Opens

Sliding barn doors mounted on a track have been all the rage for years. Designers predict that they may not retain their popularity as we head further into the 2020s. There has been growing interest in more traditional door options such as pocket doors or classic French doors.

Return to Traditional

Mid Century Modern and Scandinavian style have been popular, especially among Millennials. However, the pendulum may be swinging from contemporary style to a more lived-in and comfortable look. Designers expect an uptick in traditional style, including overstuffed, slipcovered sofas, classic prints, and simple silhouettes. Don’t be surprised when you hear that “granny-chic” is the newest craze in decorating!

Germ-Free Upgrades

It might not be the sexiest in home design and renovation trends, but reducing touch-points is essential in a COVID-conscious world. People are hyper-aware of health and cleanliness, and they want to feel safe in their homes. Design elements that can reduce the spread of bacteria are more popular than ever before. Touch-free faucets, voice automation, and hard surfaces like quartz are modern upgrades that are also health-conscious.

The Great Outdoors

After being locked up at home with family members for nearly a year, many homeowners are escaping to the yard for a bit of solitude. Tiny outdoor sanctuaries are at the top of many wish lists. Pergolas are also gaining popularity as we head into 2021. These uncomplicated and attractive structures can turn outdoor spaces into a livable extension of the home.


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