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Kitchen Features That Make Entertaining Easier

Kitchen Features That Make Entertaining Easier

  • Are you entertaining guests this holiday season? Here are a few kitchen features that make entertaining easier this holiday season.

Consider these design elements if you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen. Aesthetic decisions about tile, lighting, counters, cabinets, and appliances are crucial because they impact your kitchen’s new look. Custom kitchen features that make entertaining your friends and family easier are equally important.

Discover unique features to include in your renovation to make entertaining in your kitchen easy and convenient, like oversized sinks, generous counter space, specialty appliances, and a well-structured pantry. Early planning for these special kitchen features helps these important details fit in seamlessly in your blueprint and the project as a whole.

Counter Space and Kitchen Islands

Entertaining is effortless with the right amount of space. In a kitchen, this means including ample counter space for preparing food and setting out dishes. It also includes putting in a kitchen island where you and your company can gather as you prepare food or sit around as you eat and drink. 

  • Ample space for food prep

By including a kitchen island and ample counter space in your remodel, you give yourself plenty of room for food preparation. This is especially important when cooking big holiday meals or making multiple appetizer plates for a party.

Not only does ample food prep space allow you room to move around, but it can also prevent cross-contamination in the kitchen. Keeping prepared and raw foods separate on spacious countertops prevents bacterial contamination. Placing food items away from the sink prevents exposure to bacteria and viruses from raw food in the sink. 

  • Large area for serving platters and room for a buffet

When you work with an experienced residential remodeling company, you can easily include an island or custom-built countertop in your kitchen. Kitchen islands are ideal for placing large serving platters and creating a buffet for friends and family. Use your island to create a self-serve breakfast bar or set out your dishes for holiday celebrations. 

  • Allow for extra seating and storage

Kitchen islands are an excellent solution for adding extra seating in your kitchen, as well as providing additional storage. Build an island with drawers and cabinet space for pots and pans or serving platters that you don’t use every day. 

If you plan to use your island for extra seating, have the countertop built with a slight overhang to create an area where you can place bar stools. This provides additional seating spaces for people to gather in the kitchen. 

Deep and Wide Sinks

Standard sinks are between 6” and 8” deep and work well for everyday use, such as cleaning dishes and rinsing produce. However, this size sink creates a wide splash zone that is challenging to clean and a potential health hazard. 

Consider putting in a deeper sink instead of the standard size. A deep sink that measures between 9” and 12” provides several benefits for those who like to entertain in their kitchen, including:

  • Accommodating multiple people for post-party cleanup
  • Providing ample room to soak pots and pans
  • Providing enough space to defrost large items, such as a holiday turkey
  • Allowing room to stack dirty dishes


In addition to these benefits, a wide, deep sink can help minimize the sink’s splash zone radius. Because the walls are higher on a deep sink, water doesn’t splash as easily onto the surrounding countertops. Deep sinks reduce the need to clean up the water around the sink and minimize the risk of slipping on wet floors. It also reduces the possibility of contaminating food prep surfaces with foods being washed or defrosted in the sink. 

Well-Organized Pantry

A spacious, well-organized pantry in your kitchen allows you to keep your favorite foods stocked and ready for when you invite friends and family over to your home. A large pantry built with organizational features, such as adjustable or slide-out shelves, bins, and cubbies, is ideal for storing canned goods, pasta, wine, snacks and treats, and staples like flour, rice, and beans. 

Your butler’s pantry can even be a focal point of your kitchen if it includes a built-in wine rack, cabinets, a countertop, and space for a wine refrigerator.  

Work with your remodeling contractor to design a walk-in pantry containing shelving areas of different sizes to hold various storage containers and items. Having a built-in pantry boasts several perks for your kitchen, including: 

      • Keeping your kitchen and countertops uncluttered
      • Storing large appliances that you don’t use every day
      • Acting a design focal point for the kitchen
      • Allowing extra storage space and easy organization
      • Providing access to foods in cans and bags that get lost in traditional cabinets

Renovate Your Kitchen with Big State Construction

Remodeling your kitchen is a massive project. To create a kitchen space that looks amazing and is perfect for entertaining, partner with Big State Construction. Our residential construction services offer you professional kitchen remodeling from start to finish. 

Work with Big State Construction to bring your ideal kitchen to life. Visit us online or contact us at (713) 574-8956 to discuss your kitchen remodel today. Kitchen Features Making Entertaining Easier-

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