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Design Trends of 2022

Design Trends of 2022

Recent economic forces in the financial and construction industries, such as inflation, high-interest rates, and rising construction costs, have slowed down last year’s real estate boom. These changes drive homeowners to invest in renovation projects in their current homes rather than building or buying a new one.

More Baby Boomers are also choosing to age in place after retirement, preferring the comfort of their property to a senior living center. A recent AARP survey found that 87% of adults 65 and over, and 71% between 50 and 64, prefer to age in place.

With so many homeowners choosing to stay put rather than purchase a new home, there is an increased interest in interior design and home design trends. Explore some of the best design trends of 2022 to discover looks that will enhance your living spaces.

2022 Kitchen Design Trends

Consider the following kitchen trends for the year to update your kitchen and create a comfortable space to cook, entertain, and make new memories.

Open Kitchens
Kitchen trends of 2022 are all about natural materials and light. If your home has a segregated kitchen with dark partitions or doors, do away with the closed-off design. Instead, embrace a more open floor plan that replaces stuffiness with airy spaciousness and inclusivity.

Pops of color replace kitchens with stark white color schemes. Adding muted-colored cabinets and patterned floors can add texture and warmth to an all-white kitchen.


Kitchen islands remain extremely popular for their ability to unify a space and provide kitchen seating. To maximize your island space, add appliances to your island. Incorporating a beverage fridge or microwave means your family can grab a drink or heat food without blocking your higher foot traffic areas.

It’s also trendy to incorporate cabinet storage space within your island this year. Adding a pull-out trash can, for instance, allows you to remove a kitchen eyesore and reduce unpleasant odors.

Durable Surfaces for Countertops

Remodeling your countertops provides an immediate shift to your kitchen’s appearance. Choosing durable materials that are heat and scratch-resistant, such as granite or concrete, for your new kitchen countertops improves their functionality and makes cleaning easier.

Natural Stone Floors

Natural stone floors are an excellent option for sprucing up your kitchen’s aesthetic. These materials last indefinitely, making them the perfect choice for a long-lasting change to your space. Choose natural floorings like granite, marble, slate, or limestone based on your budget and preferred look.

Design Trends for Bathrooms

This year, bathrooms are all about relaxation and comfort. Focus on amenities, fixtures, and design elements to create a modern bathroom you can enjoy.

Replacing Bathtubs with Walk-In Shower

Walk-in showers are popular with homeowners because they take up minimal space and are convenient for most people. Maximize your bathroom space by replacing a large tub with a walk-in shower, complete with new fixtures and tile, to give your bathroom a more spacious feel.

Isolated Tubs

If you have space, you can up the comfort factor in your bathroom by putting in an isolated tub. Consider a stand-alone tub made of porcelain or acrylic for a classic look or natural stone for a modern twist. Place the tub in a corner nook or by a window to enjoy natural light while relaxing in the bath.

Spa-Like Bathroom Design

In 2022, spa-like bathroom designs are growing in popularity. To turn your bathroom into a home spa, incorporate elements like heated shower floors, towel bars, and bidet toilet seats. Finish the experience with new bathroom fixtures, luxury lighting, and a muted color scheme.

Interior Design Trends for 2022

If you’re looking for ways to revamp your entire home, consider the following interior design trends for 2022. These general tips can help you freshen up your space without focusing on one area of your home.

Lighter Woods in Flooring

2022 is seeing a preference for lighter wood flooring. Light-colored woods like bamboo, maple, birch, oak, and pine create brightness and warmth, naturally brightening your living space. Lighter wood flooring can also brighten up your darker rooms and generally does not show scratches as easily.


Wallpaper is making a comeback in 2022. With the versatility of wallpaper, you can express your style in every room. Installing wallpaper is generally less labor-intensive than painting and allows you to incorporate more details and designs you couldn’t have painted freehand.

Bold and patterned wallpaper that makes a statement is incredibly trendy this year. Using bold wallpaper on an accent wall can add texture to a room and spark conversation with your guests.

Bold, Bright Colors

One of the hottest interior design trends this year is using color to personalize your living space. In 2022, we’re witnessing an influx of bold, bright colors. While pastels and stark whites are out, decorating schemes that call for bright cobalt blues, oranges, and hot pinks are on trend. These bold colors aren’t just for your smaller accent pieces; try a statement sofa or paint your walls.

Black Accents

If you’re not one for color, black accents are also very trendy for their ability to make a space look and feel more contemporary. A dark-colored wall will add depth and style while naturally enhancing the lighter areas of the room.

Formal Dining Rooms

During the pandemic, many dining rooms gradually transformed into home offices, gyms, or homework areas. In 2022, the trend is to reclaim these spaces as formal dining rooms appropriate for hosting dinner guests. You can create this sense of formality with cream-colored, paneled walls and elegant light fixtures.

If you’re aiming for a balance between casual and formal, a light wood dining table or white cane chairs produce a more relaxed tone.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Remodeling your outdoor living space can offer a new area to spend time with family and friends.

Outdoor Kitchens

Adding an outdoor kitchen gives you an alternate area to cook, mix drinks, and entertain. Depending on your budget, you can include a full oven range, refrigerator, and countertop set-up, or opt for a simpler bar seating area with a high-tech grill.

Merging Indoor and Outdoor

Many homeowners are merging their indoor and outdoor areas to create a seamless gathering space. If your kitchen or living room opens onto a large patio, deck, or grassy area, consider blending the two into one area. For example, use similar furniture or design elements to tie the spaces together, or extend your roof to cover the patio and create a longer entertainment galley.

Additional Design Trends for 2022

Additional design considerations you may make for your home this year include adding a home office, installing energy-efficient appliances, and creating multi-functional spaces.

Home Offices

As remote and hybrid working arraignments continue to apply for most jobs, consider renovating or building a home office on your property. Opt for built-in shelving, natural lighting, or a customized desk to make the space your own.

Energy Efficient Appliances and Lighting, Solar Panels

Eco-consciousness is trending in 2022, so modernizing your home with energy-efficient appliances and lighting or solar panels is an excellent way to save money and the planet. Choose Energy Star-certified products and explore potential tax credits when choosing new devices and features for your home.

Multi-Functional Spaces

Multi-functional spaces are trendy in 2022 and convenient for homes of all sizes. Try turning an unused spare bedroom into a half-work/study room by investing in a pull-out bed and collapsible desk. You can combine your kitchen and dining room by using your kitchen island as an eating space.

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